Wilderness Fly Fishing Fantasy – 6 Day Karamea

3 Days fly fishing / 3 Days rafting

Helicopter carrying Kayaks on Karamea Trip

This trip takes you right to the heart of wilderness trout fly fishing.

The trip begins as a 3 Day Karamea would, with your helicopter flight into Karamea Bend.  For the rest of that day you’ll become acquainted with your new surroundings, fly fishing the Karamea River and one of it’s tributaries the Leslie River.  After a night at the Karamea Bend hut, you begin your first day on the river, bumping through the technical white water of the upper Karamea, and entering the Tasman Wilderness area.  The next day you will enjoy fly fishing and exploring two of the tributaries, the Roaring Lion and Beautiful River.

Camp Food

From here the rafting takes a step up as we negotiate our way through the rapids of the Roaring Lion (the biggest rapid on the Karamea River).  To help make this happen safely, extra river crew are helicoptered in to meet us, along with a food drop.  That’s right, you can expect real food, none of this pre-made dehydrated stuff.

Now further down stream at your new base camp, you will soak up your last day fishing in this dreamland.  Explore the tributary of the Ugly River, gazing into deep green pools lined with granite sand, looking for signs of where to cast.  Then comes the final day of rafting, the lower Karamea Gorge is sure to get your heart pumping and what a great way to finish this fantasy.