Fly Fishing Tours

Want some real remote fly fishing locations with you, your mates and amazing quality trout. We've got the hidden spots.

Fishing on the Maruia River

Since we are always rafting some of New Zealand’s ultimate wilderness rivers, we get to see a lot of Rainbow trout and big brown trout.  Floating on rafts can be a great way to mix up your fly fishing holiday accessing the impossible to get to spots, with stress free river travel carrying along everything you want or need. We can include the kitchen sink.

We provide fly fishing tours in Kahurangi National Park on the Karamea River, the Mokihinui River and the North Branch of the Mokihinui.  These rivers are either accessed by helicopter or big hikes in to the remote wilderness.  These are great places to spend 2-6 days enjoying what we love to do, fishing, eating and enjoying great company in unspoiled fishing grounds with stunning scenery!  With fantastic white water rafting too, this is a mix of the best.

Check out our 6 day “Wilderness Fishing Fantasy” on the Karamea river.

Closer to Murchison, we have the Maruia River, cheaper than the above rivers, as we can drive into this wild river.  So vehicle access to the beginning and end of the trip, means no heli flights and we can carry as much as we like on the rafts.  Easier rapids too!  Normally we spend between 2 and 4 days on this river run.

Check out our 2 day “Maruia Fish n Float”.

So check out the tours we have offer and don’t forgot we can customise a fly fishing adventure just for you and your needs.  Send us an email or pick up the phone In New Zealand 0800 748 377, or outside New Zealand +64 3 523 9899, we are always willing to help create that special adventure.